You Only Regret the Workout You Didn’t do

well you know, unless they fell off a treadmill and skinned their face…and someone decided to be super helpful and record the mess on their cell phone and post it to Instagram before offering to help…

Thankfully this wasn’t me.

I was sitting at my desk at the end of the day yesterday trying to think of every “valid” excuse reason as to why I should forgo 5:30 pm Body Pump class and just go home and vegetate.

1. I did really good last week

2. I could take today as a rest day and do Pump tomorrow

3. I lost weight last week

4. I could go for a walk after supper instead and enjoy the sunshine

5. I still haven’t picked up a new battery for my polar so I don’t know how hard I’m working – Like the huffing, puffing, rolling sweat and heaving muscles aren’t a good sign!

6. I’m going out on a date night with Mom tonight. If I go home now we can see the 6:30 instead of the 9:00 show and I won’t be up as late.

So yeah, my mind quickly ran through these excuses yesterday and then I thought about the title of today’s post and also remembered that whenever I’m feeling the reluctance to hit the gym that those are the days I NEED it the most.

So I went and stretched for about 10-15 min before class. I’m trying to regain my lost flexibility and the only way to do that is to stretch and stretch some more.

Class was great!

I can walk today! My shoulders and back are really sore 🙂

I’m not getting as deep into my squats as I’d like because my Glutes and Hamstrings are still tight.  Hopefully a few more weeks of activity, Pump, Yoga and stretching will cure that right quick.

I also have to remind myself that 6-12 months of inactivity will not be cured by 9 days of working out and eating right.

But I am on the right track!

I have so much more energy, my skin is clearing up, I’m not even tempted by treats and I look forward to preparing healthy meals.

I have not felt this dedicated in a loooong time!

Oh, I noticed at the gym that I was standing at the crack between two wall mirrors in class and it made me look super skinny…lol. Good motivation to keep going!!!


About Heather Little

Happily married to the love of my life. Catholic, married and mom of a beautiful girl born in January 2016. I'm not perfect and continuously learning and growing. I'm a Public Relations Practitioner working for a Catholic Sponsorship Charity in Nova Scotia. This blog will focus on my life, random thoughts and pet memes. I hope you enjoy!
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2 Responses to You Only Regret the Workout You Didn’t do

  1. JB says:

    Amazing job! 🙂

    What movie did you see?

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